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To support the maintence and ongoing archive and support activities required to maintain this library we offer a variety of advertising options for interested parties on the site. We offer a minimum of 3 months placement on all advertising slots.

Header Banner

Our most popular and prominent advertising slot. This primary screen real-estate displays on every page view of the site. Ideal for text, image and animated display adverts.

Displays on every page view – Homepage, Library, Manual Listing & Registration pages

Cost: £99 for 3 months

Homepage Right Sidebar Banners

Top Right

Prominent above the fold advertisting space on the homepage and Shop pages which attracts eyeballs on 86% of all our website visits. Ideal for Google Ads square display placements.

Displays on every homepage & Shop page load. Currently 86% of all our visitors see this.

Cost: £69 for 3 months

Bottom Right

Slightly less prominent but still attracting a huge percentage of site visitors.

Cost: £49 for 3 months

Library & Manual Listing Right Banner

Common across the Library and Product Page Right Banner

Cost: £39 for 3 months

All prices include placement but not advertisement creative or construction service. i.e. you provide it and we put it on the page