Ode to a Ford – PSALM 116E

ode to a ford

Sometimes we come across quirky & amusing things through collecting and selling old manuals and books. This week we present what I can only imagine to be the poetic scribbles of a frustrated Ford owner.

This typwritten poem-esq psalm dropped out of the back of an old Ford Anglia service manual that arrived last month. Entitled 'PSALM 116E'. You can almost feel the owners frustration....


The ford is my motor,

I shall not want - another

It maketh me to lie down in the wet places,

It soileth my suit,

It leadeth me into the paths of ridicule

For its name sake.

Yea though I run down the valleys,

I am towed up the hills.

I fear much evil while it is in me,

Its rods and its cranks, they discomfort me,

In the presence of mine enemies.

It anointed me face eith oil

Surely to goodness the damned thing

Will not follow me all the days of my life?

Or I will dwell in the house of the insance for ever.


Ford classic car reliability joke
The 'psalm' and the Ford Anglia manual it dropped out of!

Not sure if this kind of thing has been seen by anyone else but it was new one on us and made us chuckle.

See something similar, share in a comment below?

Enjoy the holidays!



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